Photoshopping My Photographs

After creating some sketches related to my tights sculpture i decided to put them into photoshop and play about with the colours. This was really fun to do an I am excited to do more of this when i get into my photography pieces.

Before photoshop (1st picture)                                                 After photoshop (next 3 pictures)

FullSizeRender copy 2 FullSizeRender copy 3 FullSizeRender copy 4 FullSizeRender copy 5

Before photoshop (1st picture)                                        After photoshop (next 2 pictures)

FullSizeRender copy 6 FullSizeRender copy 8 FullSizeRender copy 7

Before photoshop (1st picture)              After photoshop (next 3 pictures)

IMG_3001 IMG_3001 1 IMG_3001 2 IMG_3001 3

Changing the colour, brightness, exposure and even inverting the image creates such an interesting effect which in my opinion is far more powerful than the original photographs i have taken with my iPhone. The possibilities of photoshop are endless and I am having great fun learning new tricks and creating interesting pieces.


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