Inspiration – Loris Cecchini

Cecchini is an Italian artist who works in a variety of media including photography, film, sculpture, drawing and installation. I came across this  artist when looking for sculptures that included tights. Although Cecchini does not use tights in his work his exploration of “concealment” is very relevant to my project.

Loris-Cecchini-Diana-Lowenstein-Gallery-Miami-4 Loris-Cecchini-Gaps-2010-Galleria-Continua2_g

The objects look like they have been coated with some sort of sheet. I would like to make the same effect with tights. The coating effect acts like a filter to smooth out the finish hiding detail and blemishes. You can see what the objects are but withholds information. The idea of concealment excited me and is very relevant to the work I am doing. Concealer is a cosmetic stick used to cover blemishes and make our skin look more like how we want it to. To conceal an object is to keep it being observed fully. I want to combine these two definitions to use concealment in a more superficial context.


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