Stuffing tights

So I recently took a trip to the recycling centre in Dundee to find some material I could use to stuff my tights. I purchased two pillows at a cheap price and used the wool from inside them to fill out the skin coloured tights.




I then bought some rope and tied it around the tights to make some interesting shapes.



My aim is to create a sculpture that represents the human body but does not obviously look like one. I am yet to decide on a gender or if this is even necessary. I am going to play about with stuffing different material into the tights to see how that would change the image of the sculpture. The wool makes the object look quite alive, like intestines or fat. The rope gives shape to the object and suggests confinement. I also might experiment with using alternatives to rope to shape the sculpture.

I am still in the early stages with this project but I am excited to start producing work and see how my sculpture will take shape.


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