Inspiration – Hans Bellmer

I came across Hans Bellmer when i was researching sculptural work and I believe he has helped me get out of this creative slump. He is a German photographer, sculptor, printmaker, painter and writer with a love of the female body and provocation. His sculpture titled “The Doll” created in 1935 consists of partially dismembered life-size dolls in different poses and scenarios. Bellmer presents us with the aftermath of torture and abuse.

Bellmer_The-Doll_231-218 cwimage7

I am very attracted to sculpture and the endless possibilities of this art form. I also enjoy using unconventional mediums to try and push the boundaries of “art”. I am interested in creating an object, perhaps a doll or something that represents a human, with tights as my primary medium. I am still in the research stage of this project but this is the route I feel myself being drawn to.


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