Fine Art Photography

I have always had an interest in fine art photography and incorporated photography into my Instagram project but i am excited to explore this field in great depth.

In today’s modern age of technology it is very common to edit photographs to make them more desirable or interesting. Photoshop is an amazing tool for enhancing photographs or editing them to create a more exciting and unusual image. I am very interested in this editing process and how we can warp images into anything we want.

Christian Grotto, a Paris based photo editor teamed up with French photographer Quentin Curtat to produce a series of portraits named “Outer Child”. By transposing the heads of adults with child-like facial qualities onto the small bodies of children the duo created humorous¬†images that literally bring out the inner child.

This is just one example of how Photoshop and other editing tools have completely changed the world of photography and i am exciting to try out some techniques for myself.outer-child-adult-portraits-photoshop-child-like-cristian-girotto2


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