Tights as a Filter

This semester there is no brief. No guideline to follow and no initial ideas to begin with. I have decided to carry on with the research and ideas I gained from my Instagram project and look into fine art photography. I have been researching unusual and unconventional mediums and have been fascinated by the work that can be created from woman’s nylon tights.

Tights are interesting. They are worn for warmth and also to hide imperfections on the legs. In this way, tights act as a photographic filter, much like what is used on Instagram photos to make us look better.

Tights can also be used for fun.When placed over your head, they can warp your face in a humorous way. I played about with this when I was young with my friends (the first picture is my friend Aimee and was taken 4 years ago) but never realised how interesting it could be. An easy, quick way to change how the face looks without Photoshop and also giving almost an airbrushing effect by coating the skin.

IMG_0118              musicvideohandyside_0



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