Stuffing tights

So I recently took a trip to the recycling centre in Dundee to find some material I could use to stuff my tights. I purchased two pillows at a cheap price and used the wool from inside them to fill out the skin coloured tights.




I then bought some rope and tied it around the tights to make some interesting shapes.



My aim is to create a sculpture that represents the human body but does not obviously look like one. I am yet to decide on a gender or if this is even necessary. I am going to play about with stuffing different material into the tights to see how that would change the image of the sculpture. The wool makes the object look quite alive, like intestines or fat. The rope gives shape to the object and suggests confinement. I also might experiment with using alternatives to rope to shape the sculpture.

I am still in the early stages with this project but I am excited to start producing work and see how my sculpture will take shape.


Sketchbook work

Lots of ideas for a sculptural piece flowing today thanks to Hans Bellmer and Louise Bourgeois making good use of my sketchbook.




Inspiration – Hans Bellmer

I came across Hans Bellmer when i was researching sculptural work and I believe he has helped me get out of this creative slump. He is a German photographer, sculptor, printmaker, painter and writer with a love of the female body and provocation. His sculpture titled “The Doll” created in 1935 consists of partially dismembered life-size dolls in different poses and scenarios. Bellmer presents us with the aftermath of torture and abuse.

Bellmer_The-Doll_231-218 cwimage7

I am very attracted to sculpture and the endless possibilities of this art form. I also enjoy using unconventional mediums to try and push the boundaries of “art”. I am interested in creating an object, perhaps a doll or something that represents a human, with tights as my primary medium. I am still in the research stage of this project but this is the route I feel myself being drawn to.

Using tights as a camera filter

Still playing about with what I can do with tights. I have currently stopped in my tracks in my creative process as there are too many avenues to go down. Firstly I thought of using photography but I keep being drawn to sculpture. Also my university lecturer is trying to point me in the direction of performance art (ahhh!!). It’s scary to me because this is not an area that I have much experience in, but that could be a good thing right? Learning new skills and going into a project fresh eyed.

I came across a performance piece, Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art. The first performance shows a woman wrapped in tights which I thought was interesting to my project. I often find performance art a bit too up in the air for me I hope to learn a bit more about it and maybe even try it out.

I have also been trying out camera techniques. Filters are used on the lens of cameras to add a tint of colour or bring out the colours in the surroundings. I used tights as a camera filter by placing a pair of light skin-coloured tights over the camera on my iPhone and taking a picture. This is the image before and after using the tights as a filter.



I found the fog effect very interesting and am intrigued by the possibilities I could use this effect for.

But What About the Face?

So tights are great for our legs and make them look smooth and airbrushed, but what about the rest of our body? Particularly the face. Make up helps where it can but what if we could get an airbrushed effect wherever we go? That is the dream. It’s not exactly socially acceptable to go about with tights on our heads but imagine we did. By pulling the tights up I was able to warp my face in an unusual way. It’s like using photoshop in real life.





Skin Coloured Tights

I have been playing about with cheap skin coloured tights that I bought at Primark. It’s amazing the difference they make to the appearance of your skin. Although the shine of the tights makes them not very realistic, they are great at hiding blemishes on your legs such blotches, cellulite and stretch marks. It’s like being able to take an Instagram filter with you wherever you go.



Tights are Filters

Filters are used to hide our imperfections, make us look more tanned, whiten our teeth or lighten our hair (to name a few examples). We want the best version of ourselves to be displayed on social media. Afterall, once its out there its there for good.

As I previously mentioned in my post, I believe tights act as filters. They coat our skin, hide cellulite and other imperfections and can even make you look more tanned.

I have been thinking about dying tights the colour of the filters on Instagram to view the effect it would have when worn.

A real life filter.


Fine Art Photography

I have always had an interest in fine art photography and incorporated photography into my Instagram project but i am excited to explore this field in great depth.

In today’s modern age of technology it is very common to edit photographs to make them more desirable or interesting. Photoshop is an amazing tool for enhancing photographs or editing them to create a more exciting and unusual image. I am very interested in this editing process and how we can warp images into anything we want.

Christian Grotto, a Paris based photo editor teamed up with French photographer Quentin Curtat to produce a series of portraits named “Outer Child”. By transposing the heads of adults with child-like facial qualities onto the small bodies of children the duo created humorous images that literally bring out the inner child.

This is just one example of how Photoshop and other editing tools have completely changed the world of photography and i am exciting to try out some techniques for myself.outer-child-adult-portraits-photoshop-child-like-cristian-girotto2


Back into looking at the Instagram project that i previously started. I am going to continue looking at cliche Instagram posts and how i can recreate them in an interesting way hopefully including the nylon tights i previously posted about.

Instagram is no longer just an app but is now a permanent word in our vocabulary.

“This is an Instagram moment”

“You should Instagram that”

“We need to put a picture on Instagram”

Every moment is an Instagram moment. And if we dont post pictures publicly, did it really happen?