Yesterday’s Toy of Tomorrow

This is my finished piece from my two week sculpture projected “the human condition”. I have used old “forgotten” electronics and drilled holes in the sides of them. I also used aluminium wire and wooden beads to create a beaded maze that are found in waiting rooms for children to play with. I wanted to express how reliant we are on technology even at a young age. We all crave the newest, best thing and completely forget about our old, less useful electronics that we appreciated so much when they first came out. I used the beaded maze concept to show the type of simple toys that used to amuse me when I was a child. I would use my imagination and have fun without any screens or instructions. I had a Nokia “brick” when I was young to contact my mother in emergencies and that was all. Today, children have mobile phones that can do so much, much more than they need. They play video games that require no imagination and I feel this stifles creativity in the young minds of those who are most open to the world. I have used metal wires and black beads to take away the playful look and make it look electronic itself. This is not a toy to be played with, it’s too late for that.





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