My new Instagram account

While researching artists who have been inspired by social media I came across a woman called Lindsay Bottos. She posted pictures on Tumblr of herself and embraced the cruel comments she received. I am very interested in why people would write abusive comments on a social networking site to strangers. Bottos had never done anything to them and it baffles me how some people can be so cruel. She posted that it was mostly “girl on girl hate” about appearances. I have now decided to make a new Instagram account to purely post pictures of myself and see if any strangers would post nice or mean comments to me. I feel I am being quite brave doing this as, like many people, I can be quite sensitive about my appearance and it can be hard when the aspects of yourself that you are most self conscious about are mocked. I have started to gain new followers and have been posting pictures and am currently waiting for the comments to arise. I have actually quite enjoyed having this separate Instagram account that none of my friends or anyone I know follows. I am a lot more confident when I post pictures on it and I don’t care as much about the caption or the filter or the picture itself. I can be who and what I want and post “posey” pictures without being judged by people I know , only people I don’t know which doesn’t seem to sting as much. The account name is laurend12 so follow if you want and leave me some comments please!


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