Self worth continued.. An unhappy birthday

So it was my birthday yesterday and as the Facebook posts slowly trickled in wishing me a happy birthday it made me think again about my self worth post. I was up quite early – the thought of my birthday was too exciting to keep me asleep – and I did actually feel a slight sadness at the lack of birthday messages I had on Facebook. Fair enough it was early and I did get quite a few more throughout the day! However when I actually thought about how I felt a little bit sad about the posts i laughed at myself! Who cares? It’s not like if people don’t wish me a happy birthday their wishing me an unhappy birthday!! I felt quite silly feeling upset about it and I’m quite sure I’m not the only person who’s felt like this on their birthdays. The number of happy birthdays we get should not directly impact how happy our birthday actually is! Get out in the real world, surround yourself with the people you love who do wish you a happy birthday! I had a great birthday with my boyfriend and family and I am looking forward to a night out on Saturday with my friends! Who needs hundreds of fake friends wishing you a happy birthday when you have a few loved ones who actually mean it! It’s so easy to get stuck in our social media bubble when we can access it so easily in the palm of our hand! We all need to pull ourself away from the digital world and enjoy real life while we can!!


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