Keyboard gangster

Sketchbook work. A keyboard gangster is “a person who attempts to act badass behind their computer screens”. Some people use social media sites to act and speak in a way that they are not confident enough to act in real life. This can often be cruel in the form of cyber bullying. It is a very cowardly act as it is a lot easier to type abuse than to say it to someone’s face. There are also people who create fake accounts to bully people. Just like “catfishing”, these people steal pictures off the internet and pretend to be someone else to gauge in conversation often with people they already know. The victims are left confused as to who these strangers are that know so much about them. I have known a few people from my school that did create fake Facebook accounts for the purpose of cyber bullying. I think this could be one of the most cruelest forms of bullying. The poor victim is targeted when they feel their safest, in their own homes sitting on their laptops. Physical abuse in the playground is still very horrible but at least you can go home and escape from it. Often with cyber bullying their is no escape.



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