Beautiful scenery!

Broughty Ferry this evening



The Broughty Ferry Art Society

The society celebrated their 35th anniversary with a summer exhibition and sale this evening. There were so many amazing works of art I loved seeing all the amazing styles and techniques! It was a very inspiring evening and I am excited to try out some of the techniques myself in future projects! My gran who is also an artist won a prize tonight as well! I hope her talents run in the family!


Self worth continued.. An unhappy birthday

So it was my birthday yesterday and as the Facebook posts slowly trickled in wishing me a happy birthday it made me think again about my self worth post. I was up quite early – the thought of my birthday was too exciting to keep me asleep – and I did actually feel a slight sadness at the lack of birthday messages I had on Facebook. Fair enough it was early and I did get quite a few more throughout the day! However when I actually thought about how I felt a little bit sad about the posts i laughed at myself! Who cares? It’s not like if people don’t wish me a happy birthday their wishing me an unhappy birthday!! I felt quite silly feeling upset about it and I’m quite sure I’m not the only person who’s felt like this on their birthdays. The number of happy birthdays we get should not directly impact how happy our birthday actually is! Get out in the real world, surround yourself with the people you love who do wish you a happy birthday! I had a great birthday with my boyfriend and family and I am looking forward to a night out on Saturday with my friends! Who needs hundreds of fake friends wishing you a happy birthday when you have a few loved ones who actually mean it! It’s so easy to get stuck in our social media bubble when we can access it so easily in the palm of our hand! We all need to pull ourself away from the digital world and enjoy real life while we can!!

Keyboard gangster

Sketchbook work. A keyboard gangster is “a person who attempts to act badass behind their computer screens”. Some people use social media sites to act and speak in a way that they are not confident enough to act in real life. This can often be cruel in the form of cyber bullying. It is a very cowardly act as it is a lot easier to type abuse than to say it to someone’s face. There are also people who create fake accounts to bully people. Just like “catfishing”, these people steal pictures off the internet and pretend to be someone else to gauge in conversation often with people they already know. The victims are left confused as to who these strangers are that know so much about them. I have known a few people from my school that did create fake Facebook accounts for the purpose of cyber bullying. I think this could be one of the most cruelest forms of bullying. The poor victim is targeted when they feel their safest, in their own homes sitting on their laptops. Physical abuse in the playground is still very horrible but at least you can go home and escape from it. Often with cyber bullying their is no escape.


Uni project

So I have a summer project for uni titled “Identity”. We have to construct research on the topic through a blog, sketchbooks, reading books, visiting galleries etc. My idea for my project is to concentrate on our online identities and how they can affect our real lives. I will look into how social media has become a breeding ground for cyber bullying, stalking and a craving of self worth. I will also concentrate on false identities on the internet and why people chose to pretend to be someone else online.

Watch out who you accept

I am guilty of accepting any chump who adds me on Facebook, 100 mutual friends or a suspicious zero. I always wonder how the latter find me and why do they always try and conjure up a conversation? I could never be that brave to speak to someone who I don’t know and have no mutual friends with! Are they trying to achieve a relationship or just being friendly? I usually tend to ignore these cries for a convo. You never know if I’ll see this person on MTVs next episode of Catfish! I should really take my own advice and just now accept anyone I don’t know! They don’t deserve access to my information!